Tim Nash and his Journey

Welcome to The Path To Peak Performance!


My name is Tim Nash.  With over 25 years’ international work experience in Financial Services, Tourism and the Media, in addition to People & Organizational Development, I’ve experienced what it takes to effectively lead and collaborate across cultures.

The Path To Peak Performance is the product of this diverse experience. More than just a Blog, it’s a Coaching Practice, Newsletter and Community of like-minded professionals.

Here’s a snapshot of the Clients & Partners I’ve worked with in recent years.

In addition to extensive coaching and facilitation work, I’m an EAGT ‘Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations’ and serve on the Steering Board of the International Network of Organization Development & Coaching (INOC).

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I believe that “raising awareness is the key to Peak Performance”.

My mission is to help you, including your team or group, raise awareness so that you can achieve and maintain your Peak Performance.

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Lessons Learned

Here are 5 BIG lessons I’ve learned on my journey so far:

  1. If you’re curious about something, check it out.
  2. Helping people gives work meaning.
  3. When things don’t go according to plan, be ready to adjust.
  4. You might be done with something but it might not be done with you.
  5. Experience is the best teacher.


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Welcome to The Path To Peak Performance.

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