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Raising awareness is the key to Peak Performance. In fact, I believe that your performance is a direct result of your awareness. That is, how aware you are of what’s going on inside and outside yourself –

What drives me to do my best work under stress and an ever-growing workload?

How can I lead and inspire my team to take action especially when working remotely?

What does my organization need to thrive in the current business climate?

The more aware you are of what drives you and the people around you, the better you perform. Coming from a place of increased clarity and heightened awareness, you feel energized, connected and in the flow. 

This is exactly what you need to perform and  feel at your very best. That’s right – to bring your A game, you’ve also got to feel your best!

I guide and support individuals, teams and organizations as:

Personal Development Coach & Team Facilitator

Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations ‘EAGT GPO’

Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader




As a experienced coach and facilitator, I’ve been helping leaders and their teams achieve and maintain Peak Performance for over 20 years.

Whether you’re a senior manager or C-level executive, increased awareness allows you to see things for how they really are – blind spots and obstacles, but also hidden strengths and inner resources.

Think about it – how can you improve performance if you can’t see the real picture?

“This CLARITY enables you to take purpose-driven action that drives positive change, inspires others to act and builds trusting relationships with your collaborators.”

Trusting relationships in turn lead to peak individual and team performance. They also make for a more human and engaging workplace.

My mission is to help you, including your team/s and organization, raise awareness so that you can:

  1. Identify and remove obstacles that are holding you back.
  2. Align your actions with your goals to focus on WHAT MATTERS TO YOU.
  3. Develop your presence & other strengths for YOUR PEAK PERFORMANCE.


Tim Nash Path to Peak Performance Coach


Build the Confidence to Move!

6-month tailored program designed to remove obstacles that are holding you back, align your actions with your goals and activate your strengths for YOUR PEAK PERFORMANCE.


Transform Teamwork!

9-month action-driven program to tackle your common Pain Points, raise your visibility in the organization and create breakthrough results for PEAK TEAM PERFORMANCE.


Lead the Way!

9-12 month program to empower your cross-functional teams to effectively lead and collaborate across the organization for REAL CULTURE CHANGE.

"Tim has a humorous style, which always make his sessions fun and the learning stick through practice and positive energy!"
Sonia Allinson-Penny
Business Owner & Head of Group HR for auticon
"Tim asked questions that made me think and allowed me to find my own way of moving forward."
Christoph Ausserhofer
Global Industrial Planning Director GKN Driveline

Informed by the powerful principles of Gestalt theory & practice, I work alongside you and/or your team to clarify what you need and co-create strategies to get it. 

Using a powerful mix of awareness-raising tools and methods, we clear the way for your Peak Performance.

For example, you’ve got to be aware of the Key Elements at all 3 levels on THE AWARENESS PYRAMID (e.g. Beliefs & Values at SELF).

What do you think of my example in the video? 



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