A used match to show that one tool or method no longer works to manage complex change.


Your team is separated by country, culture and language. It’s also a mix of generations.  Nevertheless, you need to do something to increase trust and improve teamwork.  ASAP.  

You’d like to use a psychometric or other tool to develop the team.  However, these tools stress that you shouldn’t consider cultural background or others around you – for accurate results.  WTF!

To develop a team or instill a complex change in your group, no one tool or method is enough.  Especially one developed in the last century.

Here are 3 reasons to choose Relational Organizational Gestalt (ROG).

1. It’s agile, not fixed.

The fields of People Development and Change are growing increasingly complex.  By the day.

According to Relational Change, a new approach is needed to “tackle the uncertainty and uniqueness of emergent change situations”.  This is one such approach.

Furthermore, one-size-fits-all methodologies no longer work to manage complex change. Or complex emotions.

2. It’s supportive, not manipulative.

Guided by The Paradoxical Theory of Change, it aims to supports others to become “who they already are by dropping futile efforts to become who they aren’t”.

Moreover, Gestalt treats “human complexity as an asset to be harnessed.”

No manipulation, no resistance.

3. It’s holistic, not fragmented.

Influenced by Gestalt theory and practice, it incorporates relevant principles from philosophy (Dialogue) and Organization Development (Systems Theory).

Above all, it’s anchored in a firm understanding of healthy human interaction with a clear focus on our interconnectedness.

Whatever approach you take, “The HOW Is More Important Than The WHAT”.


The reason why “One Tool No Longer Works” is the same as the reason to choose ROG.

Here’s my experience when it comes to people and change… 

What’s your experience?