The 5 Secrets For Virtual Presence:
how to Win Their Attention
And Keep It On You

To influence people in the virtual space, they have to see, hear and feel you!

This practical and powerful tool will help you:

 Listen with your voice and body – let them know how you feel about their messages to increase your impact!

 Use your voice as a powerful instrument that affects how people think and feel about you.

 Make it crystal clear what you mean to avoid common virtual conflicts and misunderstandings.

 Involve ALL participants to get more BUY-IN for your idea or project!

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Here's what people are saying...

"Great tips that helped me become more aware of all the things that make for a powerful virtual presence. Highly recommended!"
Tina Ajdic
Senior Adviser on Circular Economy and Sustainability
"The clear structure make the secrets understandable...helps you remember and makes it easier to adapt the behavior directly."
Eugenia Schmitt
Senior Finance Professional & Coach
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