This Is Why You Can't Reach That BIG GOAL

This Is Why You Can’t Reach That Big Goal

It is crucial that the feedback you get is valuable – especially feedback about your Blind Spots (things about you known to others, but not to you). This is a big challenge as this information can be hard to come by, especially from your team and direct reports. However, for you to grow and develop yourself, it’s critical that you get access ASAP. Success in achieving your goals depends on it – especially the ones that really stretch you. This article aims to help you tackle this challenge.


The HOW Is More Important Than The WHAT

Standing at the foot of Mt. Everest.  No water.  No oxygen.  No proper equipment to speak of. Nevertheless, must get to the top.  And fast. Teaching and travelling around Asia in the second half of the 1990s, this is exactly how I felt on my return to t ...

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How To Make The BIG LEAP From Good To Great

Do you work for a great company? If so, what makes it great? If no, what prevents it from being so? Do its other stakeholders feel the same as you (employees, customers, suppliers)? As an independent contractor, I get to choose the organizatio ...

Blind Spots?


There’s a BIG MISMATCH between how you think you’re viewed by others and how they actually see you. In fact, you really have no idea how you come across.  “What matters about you, to someone else, is whatever has the most meaning for them – not for you,” ...