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How To Master The Paradoxical World Of Leadership (Part 2)

You can’t be everything for everybody. Some reports will find you too directive, others not enough. However, you can listen to feedback and adjust your style when needed.

In everything you do, seek to understand first and act second. There is no right way to lead your team or group. It is as unique as every individual in it. Therefore, your paradoxes and the balance you need to find for each of them will look differently than mine.

In parts 1 and 2 I have presented 7 which I consider most relevant to people managers working right now. Apply the relevant tips and examples as needed.

Emergent Coaching For Faster Results

3 Simple Steps To Go From Good To Great

To become great in any field, i.e. a thought leader with original ideas that have an impact, you too will have to copy what you know and love.

I’d like to show you a simple formula to follow on the path to crafting your own unique voice on your way “from good to great”.