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How To Create An Environment Where People Can Thrive

“Healthy levels of open communication, and a positive regard for individuals and their potential contribution to the organization’s goals, contribute to creating an environment where individuals can grow and develop.”

This environment will foster healthy relationships for a healthy organization that is capable of LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE.

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How To Make The BIG LEAP From Good To Great

Do you work for a great company?If so, what makes it great? If no, what prevents it from being so?Do its other stakeholders feel the same as you (employees, customers, suppliers)?As an independent contractor, I get to choose the organizations I work for.T ...

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6 Powerful Behaviors to Facilitate Positive Change

Change comes about as a result of accepting what is, rather than a striving to be different (Beisser 1970). This was the key idea I presented in the LinkedIn Pulse article, "3 Powerful Steps to Embrace the Change Paradox". For any team leader or man ...