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How To Create An Environment Where People Can Thrive

“Healthy levels of open communication, and a positive regard for individuals and their potential contribution to the organization’s goals, contribute to creating an environment where individuals can grow and develop.”

This environment will foster healthy relationships for a healthy organization that is capable of LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE.

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7 Paradoxes Every Leader Must Master (part 2)

As discussed in part 1, modern leadership is full of paradoxes. To be an effective leader and people manager circa 2016 you have to be aware of the big ones. However, your biggies will look differently than mine. Nevertheless, if you lead with the Para ...

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How To Unlock Your Hidden Dragon Right Now

"Do I have permission to be creative?" This would be an irrelevant question to any artist or entrepreneur. After all, there's no need to get permission for something that comes naturally. But not everyone is Walt Disney or Steve Jobs. Where does that lea ...