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How To Create An Environment Where People Can Thrive

“Healthy levels of open communication, and a positive regard for individuals and their potential contribution to the organization’s goals, contribute to creating an environment where individuals can grow and develop.”

This environment will foster healthy relationships for a healthy organization that is capable of LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE.

Fantastic Mr. Fox


“I believe every artist had someone who told them they were dirt and someone who told them that they were the second coming of the baby Jesus, and they believed ‘em both". – Bruce Springsteen BBC Radio 4 Springsteen’s observation got me thinking… ...

Good to Great

How To Make The BIG LEAP From Good To Great

Do you work for a great company?If so, what makes it great? If no, what prevents it from being so?Do its other stakeholders feel the same as you (employees, customers, suppliers)?As an independent contractor, I get to choose the organizations I work for.T ...


3 Characteristics to Ensure Your Team Has Teeth

Anyone with internet access and a company job in 2016 is aware of at least 2 of these 3 things: 40 is the new 30. Nerd is the new cool. Cross-functional teams are the new organization. Teams are nothing new. As Schumpeter points out in “Team Spiri ...

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7 Paradoxes Every Leader Must Master (part 1)

“The surf was your refuge, but it was also a hostile wilderness…” - William Finnegan Barbarian Days Like the surf, the modern leadership landscape is a paradox. According to INSEAD Emeritus Professor Paul Evans, it's a balancing act where leaders ha ...