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How To Create An Environment Where People Can Thrive

“Healthy levels of open communication, and a positive regard for individuals and their potential contribution to the organization’s goals, contribute to creating an environment where individuals can grow and develop.”

This environment will foster healthy relationships for a healthy organization that is capable of LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE.

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This Is Why Wicked Problems Require Radical Solutions

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away… Shell Oil, the Catholic Church and the Communist Party represented an organizational reality that was fairly predictable – one where executives, priests and party chiefs could set objectives and manage in a ...

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7 Paradoxes Every Leader Must Master (part 1)

“The surf was your refuge, but it was also a hostile wilderness…” - William Finnegan Barbarian Days Like the surf, the modern leadership landscape is a paradox. According to INSEAD Emeritus Professor Paul Evans, it's a balancing act where leaders ha ...