• Building the confidence you need to make your NEXT BIG MOVE, especially in this current economy.
  • Having a sparring partner to bounce ideas off - someone not afraid to challenge you when you fall behind?
  • Creating HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS so that you can consistently deliver exceptional results even under stressful conditions?
  • Managing your workload and prioritizing in a way that provides time and energy for WHAT REALLY MATTERS - family, holiday, lost passion?
  • Developing your presence and other inner strengths to become a LEADER OF CHOICE in your organization?
  • Leading and inspiring others through challenging and changing environments [like this one!]?


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For anyone who knows the challenges of leading change, inspiring others and managing an overflowing workload especially in times of uncertainty, I designed this program for you. 

1 TO 1 COACHING FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE is a tailored time-bound coaching program for motivated leaders and senior professionals who want to build the confidence that will propel them to the next level. Whatever “next level” means to you, this results-driven program helps you FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS AND TAKE ACTION TO GET IT.

It’s all about removing roadblocks, aligning your actions with your priorities and activating your powerful inner resources so that you can perform at your peak.

Scroll down to learn more or hop on a call and ask me your questions.


Designed to act, reflect, adapt and repeat for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.


Focused on what (and who!) you can influence, not what you can’t.


With agreed timeline and measures of success – “How will you know if you’ve achieved…?”.

Who's It For?

This program is for motivated, purpose-driven senior professionals who:

  • Are ready to look at their blind spots and other obstacles that are holding them back.
  • Want to focus on WHAT REALLY MATTERS and let go of the rest.
  • Are looking for a sparring partner with real leadership experience.
  • Want to align their activities with their priorities to MAKE ACTION COUNT.
  • Are ready to invest in a high-ticket program to grow and develop themselves.
  • Are committed to rolling up their sleeves and working hard in order to move forward.

who's it Not For?

This program is not suitable for senior professionals who:

  • Aren’t ready to look at their blind spots and their current real picture.
  • Aren’t interested in the needs and concerns of their collaborators or stakeholders.
  • Aren’t curious about what drives them and the people around them.
  • Can’t commit the time to do the work and stick to the co-created coaching schedule.


"Tim gives me confidence. His coaching approach enables better decision making and more effective problem solving."
Florian Köhler
Head of Reinsurance Contracts EMEA bei Swiss Re
"Working with Tim not only helped me achieve my clearly defined goals, it also made me realize that sometimes I should welcome turbulence in my life as an opportunity for personal growth."
Alina Kryzhanovskaya
Senior Account Consultant @ Constares - The Healthcare Experts
"Tim helped me how to be more effective in my communication and how to influence others; my meetings highly benefited as a result."
David Vascotto
Group Actuarial Executive Allianz SE



 Program includes coaching notes and action planning

3 90 minute sessions within 6 weeks

Option to part ways or agree next “tailored” coaching steps

If you’re looking for a “tune-up” or short term coaching support, this is a great option.


 Includes all features as listed below

 24 coaching hrs over 6 mos (2 hrs 2 x p/mo)

 Agreed terms and conditions of after the call

6 months of my full support and guidance with recommended 2 hr. sessions at least twice a month. But first, let’s have a call and see if we’re a good fit.


 Includes all essential features plus FREE follow-up session 3-6 mos after program completion

 48 hrs over 9-12 mos (2 hrs 2-4 x p/mo)

 Option to keep me on email/phone retainer or book further sessions on a needs basis

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions over 9-12 months for my full and constant guidance. But first, let’s talk.

What's Included?

  • Tailored 1:1 coaching with Tim (via Zoom or other virtual method)
  • Initial face-to-face kick-off session (distance allowing)
  • Personal coaching notes with actionable tips & recommendations
  • Tim’s feedback on your written communications on request
  • Email access to Tim for duration of your program


  • Step 1: Book Discovery Call to get to know each other, learn about program and ask any questions.
  • Step 2: Agree terms & conditions for your tailored coaching agreement.
  • Step 3: Schedule coaching sessions and agree Next Steps.


This is exactly what I need!

Book a free “no strings attached” Discovery Call to ask me your questions and see what it’s all about.

About Tim

With over 25 years’ international work experience across multiple industries and cultures, Tim has experienced what it takes to effectively lead and collaborate in a global environment. 

The ‘COACHING FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE’ portfolio is the product of this diverse experience.

In addition to his coaching and facilitation work, he serves on the Steering Board of the International Network for Organization Development & Coaching (INOC).

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1971, Tim earned a BA in History and Business Administration cum laude in 1994.

Having lived and worked outside the US for the better part of the last 25 years, he now calls Munich, Germany home.

Tim Nash and his Journey

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