Before you can effectively lead or collaborate with others, there are a few basics that need to be in place. For example, before you can get the buy-in for a change, you have to communicate in a way that inspires people to action. And before you can influence someone to do anything, you have to connect with them.

The modern leadership challenge is to do all this while working across complex networks, collaborating in diverse teams. And to do it successfully, you’ve got to feel and perform at your best…

Peak Performance & You

To feel and perform at your very best, you need the active support from all of your resources (internal & external). The secret to achieving your Peak Performance is to activate the resources you already have…

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Organizational & People Excellence (OPEX)

OPEX is a cutting-edge Leadership Development program driven by cross-functional teams working on real internal business challenges. This learning-by-doing program is a win-win for your people and organization…

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Influencing Across Networks

Leading a cross-functional team, collaborating with people in different locations, working in a big matrix – the ability to effectively influence your diverse partners across complex networks is critical for peak individual & team performance…

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Collaborating For Results

Developing others through effective feedback, communicating in a way that builds trust, learning to manage conflict and embrace change – these are few of the skills and capabilities you need to collaborate for better results in your…

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Communicating With Impact 

The ability to communicate your ideas with impact is a must-have skill. However, it takes more than good ideas and a silver tongue.

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Storytelling For Results

If you want to win support for your ideas and inspire others to action, you have to deliver messages that stick. Whatever your desired result, Storytelling is the most effective vehicle to transport messages and make them stick.

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*All workshops can be mixed, expanded or adapted to fit your specific needs.