Operational & People Excellence (OPEX)

Future organizations will be driven by diverse, cross-functional project teams. That is, teams that can work seamlessly across functions, departments, cultures and continents.

OPEX is a cutting-edge Leadership Development program powered by cross-functional teams working on real internal business challenges.

With a practical focus and Strengths-based approach, OPEX empowers people to effectively lead and collaborate in these agile teams.

Bottom line – OPEX is a WIN-WIN for your people and organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What does it look like?

OPEX is a multi-module, results-driven learning program that fosters the Change & Leadership competence of team and project leaders across company-wide activities (projects, change initiatives, etc.).

It can be tailored in content and length to fit your specific needs (e.g. Assertive Leadership, Change Mgt, etc. / 2 F2F modules + 2 virtual modules over 9 mos).

Q:  How does it work?

The OPEX objectives are achieved through these 4 principles:

  1. Learning by Doing

During the first module, the participants are divided into project teams with each team creating a business project to help solve a “real” internal business challenge.  Collaborating virtually and face-to-face over the course of the program, the teamwork on the business projects underpins this principle.

  1. Coaching for Performance

In addition to Peer Coaching to practice collaborative problem-solving, telephone coaching with the OPEX coach between modules and post program helps the participants address their individual challenges and ensures successful skills application, i.e. sustainable learning.  This principle ensures optimal performance and continuous improvement.

  1. Diversity of Input

Everyone has different learning styles and preferences.  Therefore, the OPEX coach uses a combination of theory, large and small group activities, project collaboration, etc.  This principle ensures that all participants are engaged for optimal output, i.e. results.

  1. Practical Application

All program activities have a highly practical focus with key learnings that can be applied to the daily business.  Learning by Doing, Coaching for Performance and Diversity of Input ensure this principle.

Q: What are past participants saying?

“I think my biggest improvement is getting to know my own strengths better…what helps even more is working with the strengths of my employees in order to develop and support them.”

Manager Central Factory Engineering

“I am now even more confident in addressing topics with my peers…I see the difference in how I interact and take the lead…I am more willing to raise my ideas, present and use the opportunity to influence.”

Regional Logistics Manager Asia Pacific

“Nowadays I observe and evaluate the strengths of myself, my colleagues and my team better than before…I can use this strength evaluation to maximize results, optimize organization, etc.”

Director of Operations Brazil

“The biggest improvement is the new networks with my international colleagues…you have to find solutions to problems and often the problems are not special Quality problems. Now I can ask my “Network” for support.”

Regional Quality Manager

Program Details

Target group:  Team/Project Managers – Executives

Duration:  Can be adapted to fit your needs

Course size: 10-12 participants

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