To feel and perform at your very best, you need the active support from all of your resources (internal & external).  The secret to achieving your Peak Performance is to activate and leverage the resources you already have (no change required!)..

By integrating powerful tools and methods in an interactive learning environment, the workshop helps you strengthen your professional Network, transform your natural talents into Strengths, attack your problems with peer support and more.

Workshop Objectives*

During the workshop you will co-actively learn and practice how to:

  • Build and strengthen your Relationship Network
  • Learn to deal effectively and collaboratively with complex problems (Action Learning)
  • Discover and transform your top 5 natural talents into strengths (StrengthFinder)
  • Empower yourself by raising awareness to your individual needs & drivers

Workshop Details

  • Suitable for project or department team, group or area of business
  • 2 – 3 days at location of your choice (can be tailored in length & content)
  • 6 – 12 participants (2nd coach to be added for 13+)
  • Contact me here for cost & other questions

*A combination of high-level input, small group activities, case studies & real-life simulations will be used to achieve your specific objectives.