3 Reasons Why Relational Organizational Gestalt Works:

1. It’s agile, not fixed.

The fields of Organization Development and Change are growing increasingly complex.

A more flexible, agile approach is needed to “tackle the uncertainty and uniqueness of emergent change situations”.

One-size-fits-all methodologies no longer work to manage complex change.

2. It’s supportive, not manipulative.

Guided by The Paradoxical Theory of Change, it aims to supports others to become “who they already are by dropping futile efforts to become who they aren’t”.

Moreover, “Gestalt treats human complexity as an asset to be harnessed.”

No manipulation, no resistance.

3. It’s holistic and relational, not partial or disconnected.

Influenced by Gestalt theory & practice, it incorporates relevant principles from philosophy (Dialogue) and Organization Development (Systems Theory).

Above all, it’s an approach which is anchored in a firm understanding of human functioning with a strong emphasis on our interconnectedness (Self-Other-Situation):

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