Every action leads to a result.  However, before you can take action that leads to a positive one, you’ve got to be aware of what’s happening inside and outside yourself.  That is, awareness of where you are right now and how you’re relating to the people and situations around you.

Increased awareness leads to action with a clear purpose – action connected to your goals and priorities.  Moreover, increased awareness leads to previously hidden or unknown options and clears the way for positive change to emerge.

Coming from a place of increased clarity and heightened awareness, you “feel energized, connected and in the flow”.  This is exactly what you need to feel and perform at your best.

What makes it faster?

Emergent Coaching* is focused on what you can influence, not what you can’t.  It takes an action-oriented approach that’s tailored to your individual needs and objectives – not the latest coaching practice that may or may not apply to you.  Guided by this powerful learning loop, Tim works alongside you to create your desired results, faster.

What’s it based on?

Emergent Coaching* is based on the ideas and principles of Action Learning, Gestalt In Action and Humble Consulting.  Stemming from his diverse experience in the field of People & Organizational Development, Tim believes that coaching underpinned by these solution-focused principles leads to “real help faster”.

Who is Tim Nash?

Tim is a Gestalt Change Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience developing people across national and organizational cultures.  Using a powerful mix of tools and methods, he aims to help others achieve clarity for their Peak Performance.  For more on his experience and qualifications, see LinkedIn profile.




  • Coaching can be virtual or face-to-face at your workplace or off-site coaching facility.
  • Coaching fee will be agreed together along with all other aspects (goals, duration, etc.).
  • Contact him to discuss how a coaching partnership can support you.