career pivot 1-To-1 COACHING program

Career Pivot

Do you ever feel stuck in your job? Or like you’re trapped in a maze and can’t find the exit? 

If you’re stuck in an energy-zapping job, you’re ready for a CAREER PIVOT…if you lack the direction or

 motivation to unstick yourself, this program will move you into action.


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why this program

There are times when every single one of us needs help to make that next career move – new job role, industry change, etc.

However, not everyone needs months of coaching to figure out what they want and how to get it.

That’s why I’ve created this program.

 CAREER PIVOT 1:1 COACHING provides real help fast – no time and money-intensive relationship required.

how it works

With a clear focus on your situation, we follow a proven 3-step formula:

  1. Get clarity on what you want and what you don’t want
  2. Focus on the goals and actions that really matter
  3. Create the action plan to make it happen

In 3 laser-focused sessions within a 6-week period, we’ll speak 3 times for 90 minutes via video call. 

I won’t just coach you. I’ll advise you on how to move away from “can’t face another day” to “can’t wait to get back to work”.

Beyond the 1-to-1 calls, you’ll have email access to me at all times – for questions or feedback on your work.

Yes, in between calls you’ll have very clear tasks to complete so that you make rapid progress week by week.

That’s 4 1/2 hours of face time with me in 6 weeks or less.

trust is everything


"Tim helped me restore my self-confidence and improve my resilience in arguably the most challenging point of my career."
Katie Waldeck
Customer Experience Director
"I reached out for support during a difficult time in my career to get a clear view on my current situation and what I want for my future career."
Özgür Ata
Director Supply Chain Projects & Regional Logistics Europe

Let's talk

Book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to ask me your questions and learn how this could work for you.


There’s no better time to invest in yourself than right now – despite and because of the economic uncertainty.

In the post-2020 world, you never know if or when you might have to pivot next.

I’m looking for self-directed professionals who want to develop themselves now, not wait to see what happens next.

As a special introductory offer, I’m offering the program for 1350 EUR – a small investment for a big outcome.

This is a chance for you to experience something you might never experience with a higher time or money investment. 

To keep your initial investment low, you can choose either a one-time payment or request a payment plan.*

who should apply

Please note: If you lack the time or desire to make this commitment, you should NOT APPLY.

listening & focused

how to apply

*10% savings on one-time payments; German VAT (19%) to be added; payment plan on request.


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