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Too much to do. Too little time. The problem is world-wide.

It’s also the biggest problem of the modern-day professional.

Using the empowering PRINCIPLES OF GESTALT, I help the busy modern-day professional like you generate the mental clarity, self confidence & positive momentum to make the change you want.

By focusing on THE HERE & NOW, Katie built up the confidence and resilience to navigate the most challenging time in her career. THE CYCLE OF EXPERIENCE enabled Danielle to find closure on a past event and take a big step forward (see below video for specifics).

By the way, these principles don’t just apply to my clients…when the global pandemic hit in early 2020, I was forced to pivot away from the in-company, face-to-face work I’d been doing for over 20 years and start coaching people remotely.

By embracing SELF AS INSTRUMENT OF CHANGE, I was able to let go of my comfortable corporate role and achieve my long-term goal of leading a Gestalt-powered practice.

Let me help you realize one of your dreams!




"By getting me to refocus on what's important to me, Tim helped me restore my self-confidence and improve my resilience in arguably the most challenging point of my career."
Katie Waldeck
Customer Experience Director
"Tim is a great coach, as a manager it's amazing to have someone so analytical to bounce ideas off and explore solutions."
Nicolas Schweizer
Business Owner & CEO

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"Tim gives me confidence. His coaching approach enables better decision making and more effective problem solving."
Florian Köhler
Chief Underwriting Officer
"A most valuable outcome of our sessions was finding closure on an event that held me back. Tim helped me communicate more effectively at an executive level."
Danielle Immelman
E-Learning Project Lead

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