My Services

Due to the complexity and uncertainty of the modern workplace, I take a Gestalt approach to People & Organization Development and Change.

I provide support in the following areas:

♥ Coaching

Individual or group coaching, F2F or virtual, ongoing or time-bound.

♣ Training

Skills-building workshops, which can be tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

♦ Consulting

Design or optimization of new or current development programs.

♠ Facilitation

Facilitation of internal meetings, offsite events, etc.


Action-driven, designed to act, reflect, adapt and repeat (see below ‘Loop’).

Solution-focused on what you can influence, not what you can’t.

Collaborative, designed to interact with and learn from others.

Result-oriented with agreed timeline and measures of success.

Experiential, designed to experiment and learn through experience.

Additional Info

  • All services offered at the location of your choice.
  • I design and/or facilitate learning events on demand.
  • Contact me to inquire about my fees or services.
  • For more professional details, incl. testimonials, see LinkedIn Profile.

The Action Learning Loop

Action learning loop is designed to act, reflect, adapt and repeat for continuous improvement.

"With Tim's insightful and supportive coaching I was able to deliver a concise and targeted presentation that was well received by a discerning audience with high expectations."
Jerry Pico
Senior Director, HR Development at Daiichi Sankyo


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