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How To Recalibrate, Recharge & Find Your Flow [Interactive Webseries]

March 12, 2020. In itself, an insignificant date. For me, the last day I set foot in an airport.

Up until that day, I had used an airport at least once a month for about 10 years. Or a train station. In 2019, I even took a bus to a remote corner of Germany.

Needless to say, travel was a big part of my work (and American Transplant life). My family is spread out across California – a good 6,000 miles away from my home base of Munich. 

So when things like airports started to slow down in late winter last year, so did my work. Not only was I hired by multinational organizations to run workshops in places like Mexico City or Toulouse, I was doing it in their offices or nearby venues. Face to face.

The slowdown turned into a lockdown. Work to a screeching halt.

Within 3 months, I was still coaching leaders and facilitating groups, but from the non comfort of my home desk – the spot formerly reserved for post-workshop invoicing and other housekeeping tasks of a solopreneuer.

Although I miss travel, especially the international kind, I’ve grown fond of my new work reality.

I haven’t yet made the full transformation from corporate, in-company coach to virtual coach helping other senior professionals “find their flow” for Peak Performance, but I’m WELL ON MY WAY.

With many twists and turns omitted, this is a brief snapshot of my 2020 journey – How the pandemic affected me, what changed, where I am right now.

  • How did the global pandemic affect you? Personally and professionally?

  • What was your biggest learning from the chaos and uncertainty of 2020? How have you applied this to your life/work?

  • What do you see as your biggest challenges in 2021?

Basically, what is your pandemic story. That is, your unique 2020 journey and experience of the pandemic. Your perspective on what happened and your new work reality.

But also, what you take away from it and how you plan to navigate new and emerging challenges in 2021.

This is the informal format of our new Webseries, Find Your Flow – two like-minded professionals having a friendly chat about what happened last year and how we can effectively navigate this year.


With 2021 in full swing, it’s time to look at what we’ve learned from the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 and how we can adapt to and succeed in the ‘post-pandemic’ world.

After all, we’re not only facing a new year but a new world.

Ultimately, the primary aim of the Webseries is to help other senior professionals like you (and me) “Recalibrate, Recharge and Find Your Flow” in 2021.

If you’d like my 1-to-1 support to find your flow, take me for a FREE TEST DRIVE.