Influencing Across Networks

The ability to effectively influence your diverse internal & external partners is critical for peak individual & team performance.

Leading a cross-functional team, collaborating with people in different locations, working in a big matrix – influencing across complex networks is a HUGE CHALLENGE.

This is a results-driven workshop to help you & your collaborators meet this challenge HEAD ON.


Workshop Objectives*

During the workshop you will co-actively learn and practice how to:

  • Open lines of communication to break silo mentality in team or group
  • Build trust and deepen connections for improved collaboration (virtual & F2F)
  • Identify and manage conflicting priorities of diverse stakeholders
  • Empower and motivate others to take action

Workshop Details

  • Suitable for project or department team, group or area of business
  • 2 – 3 days at location of your choice (can be tailored in length & content)
  • 6 – 12 participants (2nd coach to be added for 13+)
    Contact me here for cost & other questions


*A combination of high-level input, small group activities, case studies & real-life simulations will be used to achieve your specific objectives (to be integrated).