How To Regain Your Balance++

How To Regain Your Balance In The Post-Covid Chaos

I’ve got so much to do…I don’t even know where to start.”


“I’m so busy my head is spinning!”


Have you ever made a statement like this?


According to Drake Baer in “Busy Is The New Lazy”, when people say they are busy what they really mean is: “I’m important. People need me.” Or even, “don’t ask me for help – I don’t want any responsibility”.


Of course, sometimes you are just really busy…


There are times when life can be crazy. And totally unpredictable – like the past 5 months!

At times it feels like the walls are closing in around you – work is out of control and your personal commitments are overflowing…and seem to be growing! The chaos and uncertainty in the post-covid world doesn’t make things any easier.


However, is there something else going on with you? Do you have an inner conflict or other problem that you need to address?


If so, you need to know. ASAP.


This article will help you clarify what’s happening on the inside so that you can rebalance and start performing at your best again – despite the chaos around you!


3 Stupidly Simple Questions


1) Am I overwhelmed?

You know yourself better than anyone. You’re aware of what’s going on inside and outside of you. However, even the most self-aware person in the world can benefit from this 1 question:

At the end of the day, do I feel energized, or do I feel depleted?

I would argue that if you’re energized by your work, it won’t burn you out.

What’s your take on this, by the way?

Either way, getting clarity on this question can provide relief BIG TIME.

Perhaps you just need better prioritization skills? After all, just because something’s important doesn’t mean it’s urgent. Or that you have to be the one to do it.

But if there is something else going on with you, you definitely want to know about it. Plodding ahead and keeping yourself busy (and distracted), is not a solution to your problem.


2) Why do I keep myself distracted?

Checking work emails after work or repeatedly checking your Facebook updates on the weekend, I’m sure there are times when you go online even when you don’t have to.


Be honest with yourself –


Can your email response wait until tomorrow? Do you really need that Facebook app on my phone?


I don’t know your individual situation but if you’re like me and many people I know, you choose to be ‘connected’ even when you don’t need to be. I get it – you like being “in the loop”. Me, too. But do you really need to be?


Of course, there are times and situations because of your job role when you do. But I’m guessing there are just as many times when you could “sit things out”.


Here’s one of the best tips I heard last year for creating more time:


Choose the app you use the most on your phone and delete it. 


You might be lost without it…but you’ll probably be JUST FINE.


3) Have my priorities changed?

Are the things that were important to me 12 months ago still just as important? Or has my situation changed, and priorities shifted as a result?

Perhaps everything looks the same for you as it did a year ago. However, take a few minutes to look at your top priorities and make sure your activities are aligned.

It’s quite probable that some things have changed and your activities need a fresh look…

Are your expectations still current? Are they realistic?

If you made the goal in 2019 to run a marathon and spent several hours a week training for it…is the training time in 2020 still necessary and important to you? Or, would that time be better spent working toward some of your new goals? Or spent more time with family or friends?


Regardless of your exact goals and priorities, it’s important that you start recognizing “busyness as a choice”.


Here’s what I mean by that:


Getting clarity on these questions can help you resolve inner conflicts and regain
balance for your Peak Performance
. After all, there’s no bigger conflict trigger than ambiguity.


And to perform at your best, you’ve got to be aware of what’s driving you. That is – your WHY.




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