Recalibrate, Recharge & "Find Your Flow" [Interview Web Series]

What’s it like being isolated…on an island?

Hear how Maltese Auditor Alexia Stafrace has sheltered the storm and why simple pleasures are more important than ever.

You’ll also learn a few personal and professional tips on how to survive a lockdown and keep your motivation high – not easy when we don’t know what lies ahead…

Alexia is living proof that you can actually improve your work/life balance during times of uncertainty like these!

What happens when your life goes from busy to calm? From one day to the next.

In this interview, Senior Sustainability Advisor Tina Ajdic explains how she finds balance amongst the chaos and change.

Also, why she believes the ability to adapt and stay open will be so important in the NEW NORMAL.

Emergent question: Has work lost its FUN FACTOR?


How do you maintain good relationships with clients in Asia and S. America without face-to-face contact? 

In this interview, hear how Senior Software Consultant Ana Tasic has dealt with this challenge.

You’ll also hear how she’s dealing with the challenge of starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic!

Culture question: When you can no longer greet your client with a kiss or other physical gesture, what do you do?

How do you go from practicing physiotherapy in Australia to supporting female entrepreneurs in Cambodia? 

Hear James Wilson talk about his journey from physiotherapist to co-founder of SHE Investments and how the global pandemic has helped him manage stress.

Looking ahead to potential challenges of work without lockdown restrictions, James explains what he sees as the KEY to successful flexible working – for both employee and employer.

As senior consultant in addition to his role as co-founder, this man knows of what he speaks!

Senior Finance Professional Aliya Padamsee shares her unique perspective on the global pandemic and offers advice for navigating the challenges ahead.

As a Director at an investment bank in Boston, Massachusetts, Aliya creates financial solutions to fit the needs of her customers. Outside of work, she’s a passionate Mind-Body-Spirit Health Practitioner.

Hear her practical take on questions like:

“What if we’ve grown overly fond of being isolated…what if I don’t feel like sitting in a crowded movie theater!?” 

The world needs more Aliyas!

It’s time to look back at what we’ve learned from the chaos & uncertainty of 2020 and how to effectively navigate the new work environment.

Find Your Flow is an interactive web series where I ask a cross-section of professionals across a broad range of business sectors about:

+Key learnings from 2020 and how to apply them in the new year

+How to build resilience to survive and thrive in the new world

+Tips & strategies to navigate the new and emerging challenges

The primary aim is to help other professionals like you and me “find our flow”.


"My Top 3 Career Pivot Tips" [Mid-Pandemic Interviews]

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