The ability to communicate your ideas with impact is a must-have skill. However, it takes more than good ideas and a silver tongue.

It also requires Effective Listening (active + empathic) to gain the trust and support of your stakeholders (internal & external). After all, before you can lead or influence someone, they’ve got to trust you.

This interactive, results-oriented workshop will help you grow your communication impact for better job performance and work relationships.

Workshop Objectives*

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Increased communication competence & confidence
  • Crafted and delivered a high-impact communication
  • Developed Persuasive Communication skills & strategies
  • Integrated Effective Listening (active + empathic) into your communication style
  • Learned to handle challenging questions with confidence


Topics Addressed

  • Strategy & structure: The foundation of Persuasive Communication
  •  Audience-Centered Communication: How & why to tailor your messages
  • Golden rules of Effective Communication, incl. non-verbal
  • Challenging Q & A’s, i.e. “communicating under pressure”
  • The importance of Effective Listening for trust


Workshop Details

  • Target group: Team or project leaders to C-suite (from same or different areas of business)
  • Duration: 2 – 3 days at location of your choice (can be tailored in length & content)
  • Course size: 6 – 12 participants (2nd coach needed for 13+)
  • Contact me here for cost & other questions

*A combination of high-level input, interactive group activities & real-life simulations will be used to achieve your specific objectives