Communicate With Impact

Need to win support for a project? 

Get the buy-in for a change?

Whatever your specific need, Communicate With Impact can help you meet it. With confidence.

The ability to communicate your ideas with impact is MUST-HAVE skill. But, it takes more than good ideas and a silver tongue.

To gain the trust and support of your internal and external stakeholders, it also requires Effective Listening (active + empathic)..

Communicate With Impact is an interactive “learning by doing” workshop to help you increase the positive impact you make on your listeners (virtual or f2f) and improve the quality of your collaboration.

Workshop Objectives

  • Increase your speaking confidence in front of groups
  • Develop effective communication skills & strategies
  • Learn to use challenging questions and situations to your advantage
  • Build Effective Listening into your communication style 
  • Craft and deliver a high-impact communication (on 2-day workshop)

    Workshop Content
  • Strategy & structure: The foundation of Effective Communication
  • Audience-Centered Communication: How & why to tailor your messages
  • Golden rules of Effective Communication, incl. non-verbal
  • Challenging Q & A’s, i.e. “communicating under pressure”
  • The role of Effective Listening for building trust (active + empathic)
  • How to use Storytelling to make your messages stick

    Workshop Details

  • Target group: Team/group leaders to execs (same or different areas of business)
  • Psychometric: Communication Profile Indicator can be used upon request
  • Duration: 1 – 2 days at location of your choice (can be tailored in length & content)
  • Course size: 6 – 10 participants (2nd coach needed for 10+)
  • Contact me here for cost & other questions
*A combination of high-level theory, interactive group activities & real-life business situations will be used to achieve workshop objectives.


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