• Raising your visibility and value in your organisation?
  • Developing strategies to tackle your biggest common Pain Points?
  • Aligning on the Team Misson and co-creating the strategy to achieve it?
  • Sharing information and past best practice for an OPEN FEEDBACK CULTURE?
  • Solving problems collectively to avoid double work, move faster and work more efficiently?
  • Increasing trust and improving collaboration for PEAK TEAM PERFORMANCE?



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‘Coaching for Team Peak Performance’ is a 6-month face-to-face and virtual coaching program to help your team achieve and maintain its Peak Performance.

This could mean aligning on your team mission and co-creating the strategy to achieve it. Or developing strategies to tackle your biggest common Pain Points.

Whatever “high performing” means to you, this action-oriented, solution-focused, results-driven program helps you clarify what you need and take targeted action to get it.

It isn’t just any program based on the latest coaching tool or method that may or may not apply to your team.  No one tool or method holds the solutions to your Pain Points. Your program will be tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Using a powerful mix of Gestalt, The 5 Main Drivers, a team diagnostic (e.g. MBTI, Global DISC) and other awareness-raising tools, I work alongside you to clear the path for your Peak Performance.

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  • Action orientated, designed to act, reflect adapt and repeat ('Action Learning Loop').
  • Solution focused on what you can influence, not what you can't.
  • Collaborative designed to interact with and learn from others.
  • Results-oriented, with an agreed timeline and measures of success.
  • Experiential designed to experiement and learn through experience

Action learning loop is designed to act, reflect, adapt and repeat for continuous improvement.

It’s about clarifying what’s unclear, aligning on what’s misaligned and co-creating what’s missing.

Raise your visibility

Some people in your organization don’t know what you do. Others don’t value it.

Show them

Clarify and align where needed. Speak with one “empowered” voice.

Clear the way

Create strategies for Pain Points. Remove obstacles. Perform at peak.


15,400 € + VAT

50% of cost up front; 50% on completion. But first, let's have a call and see if we're a good fit. We can finalize the financial conditions after the call. Current investment for up to 8 team members.

Who's it for?

This program is for talented and motivated teams that:

  • Are ready to look at their blind spots and other obstacles that are holding them back.
  • Are open to change and ready to drive it in the team and beyond.
  • Are committed to working hard in order to optimize teamwork.
  • Want to align key priorities with their activities to make their actions count.
  • Want to free up time to focus on what matters and re-prioritize what doesn't.

Who's it not for?

This program is not suitable for teams who:

  • Aren't ready to look at their blind spots and their current REAL picture.
  • Aren't interested in the needs and concerns of their key stakeholders.
  • Aren't curious about what drives them and the people around them.
  • Can't commit the time to do the work and stick to the agreed coaching schedule.
"Tim facilitated our team offsite very effectively, ensuring everyone was engaged, allowing the right amount of time and helping us to identify our individual strengths to understand how we benefit as a team."
Almut Halder
Head of Assurance Services at Allianz Technology
"I had an opportunity to work on the strategies, which I can now easily apply in my daily job. I would highly recommend Tim as a coach, the delivery of training is exceptional and the results are very beneficial!"
Inna Komelina
Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn


  Book a complimentary 45 minute Discovery Call with me today to ask me your questions and see how it could work for your team or group.

What's included

  • 3 days face-to-face facilitation (e.g. 2 day kick off workshop + 1 day follow-up)
  • Design and development of 2 tailored workshops
  • 2 Pre-workshop interviews with team manager
  • Interviews with all participants before workshop 1
  • Individual coaching calls with all participants between workshop 1 and workshop 2
  • Photo Protocol with actionable recommendations for further team development


This is exactly what I need!

Book a complimentary 45 minute Discovery Call with me today to see how this could work for your team or group. 

If it doesn’t, absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

about tim

With over 25 years’ international work experience across multiple industries and cultures, Tim has experienced what it takes to effectively lead and collaborate in a global environment. 

The ‘COACHING FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE’ portfolio is the product of this diverse experience.

In addition to his coaching and facilitation work, he serves on the Steering Board of the International Network for Organization Development & Coaching (INOC).

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1971, Tim earned a BA in History and Business Administration cum laude in 1994.

Having lived and worked outside the US for the better part of the last 25 years, he now calls Munich, Germany home.


The Path To Peak Performance is a Newsletter with actionable tools & tips to help raise your awareness so that you can perform and  feel at your peak. 

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