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By the end of this Strategy Call you will have actionable advice that will help you manage a critical situation or achieve a desired goal.

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Possible objectives for your call:

Identify the main roadblocks that don’t let you sleep at night.

 Transform frustrations into opportunities – ones that no one else can see!

 Create a solid Roadmap that leads to a desired goal.

 Refocus and prioritize what matters most to you!



"Tim is relatable and open which puts you at ease from the outset of the call; with such experience, Tim is able to help offer advice relevant to your goals - it really allows you to make informed decisions throughout the call..."
Dan Finn
Senior Personal Banker at NatWest
"Working out your goals with Tim is easy, he will help you create your vision, and then bring it into reality. I really appreciated this initial consultation...we covered so much ground it felt like we met in person for at least 2 hours."
Ruthe Burke
Yoga, Somatics, Pilates Educator