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3 Big Reasons Why Gestalt Is The Best Way To Navigate Complexity

To build trust and collaboration skills in a team circa 2022, no one tool or method is enough – especially one developed in the last century.

You’re going to need more than a one-size-fits-all approach to develop a diverse team like yours.

With an inclusive and cross-disciplinary approach, Gestalt helps you navigate complexity in the brave new “post-pandemic” world.

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How That Hobby Can Make You Successful In Your Work

I knew I would eventually get the hang of international travel, but I had no idea I would be developing skills that would drive future professional success.

25 years later, it is still a beloved hobby of mine. But not because it helps me in my work. That is just a nice coincidence.

You might think that designing a piece of jewelry or another one of your hobbies is a waste of time…you would be wrong.


How To Navigate The Brave New World Like Battle-Scarred Warrior

Due to the increased uncertainty, a career pivot might just help you survive post-2020 work life – transitioning away from a job or industry into a new one.

Long before the Covid disruption, companies were on the lookout for resilient professionals who could navigate VUCA – adapt to change, juggle job roles, etc.

Circa 2022, resilience has never been in higher demand.

Nothing builds this invaluable personal resource like an unexpected career pivot.

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How To Motivate People Without The Jedi Mind Sh!t

“…to motivate someone to bring their best performance to a task, remember these 3 things –
If people feel you value their goals, they’ll be motivated to help you with yours.
Asking questions is the key to understanding someone’s needs and goals.
The more you tailor your words and actions to their needs and goals, the more influence you have.”

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How To Lead And Inspire People In The Virtual World

Like you, I’ve been on hundreds of Zoom calls and other virtual meetings since the world changed in early 2020 – both as leader and participant.

The BIGGEST LEARNING I’ve had as a result of all these meetings is this:

If you want to lead, inspire or positively influence people in the VIRTUAL WORLD, you need a strong VIRTUAL PRESENCE – if it’s weak, people will tune out fast.

You want to be the reason they TUNE IN, NOT OUT!