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This Is Why Mastery Of The BIG 3 Is Essential For YOUR PEAK PERFORMANCE

Imagine that you’re doing something completely non-work related and an idea goes off in your head – an idea that can help you in your work. Has this ever happened to you? Before I tell you about my recent light bulb moment, there’s something you should know about me.  Reading for pleasure could well be my favorite free-time activity. In fact, I can’t think of anything better than crawling up on the couch with a fat new novel.  I take great joy in knowing that the twisted or magical world I’m about to enter will be with me for a long time. light bulbOccasionally I come across a word that’s unfamiliar or I’m not sure how to pronounce.  I recently came across the word “cogent”.  Spoken with a soft “g”, here’s what offered: To the point; relevant; pertinent. This definition got me thinking about the people I work with.  Specifically, how important it is for them to communicate in this way.  Hence, the light bulb. Regardless of profession or job title, effective communication is a must-have skill for every professional.  That is, communication that is to the point, relevant and pertinent. The other day I shared this observation with the MD of a Management Consultancy.  He wholeheartedly agreed with me.
No matter how senior or how talented someone is, he or she will never perform at their best if they’re missing the basics (like this one).  
If you doubt me on this, you can trust his 25+ years of first-hand leadership experience.


As a development professional, there was a time when I couldn’t wait to get past the skills-building training of non-executives (e.g. communication skills).  After all, top managers have an excellent command of communication…I falsely assumed.  I was anxious to get to the more important skills like Situational Leadership & Strategic Thinking… Funnily enough, after 10+ years working closely with senior managers and executives, I still find my work focusing on the very skills I couldn’t wait to move beyond. Standing above all skills are the 3 C’s.  To grasp what I mean, let’s look at a head of department who’d like to implement a new change: Before she can win support for the change, she has to #1 Communicate in a way that inspires her key stakeholders.  Then she has to #2 Collaborate in a way that motivates them to take action.  And before she can influence anyone to do anything, she has to #3 Connect with them ON A HUMAN LEVEL. For help with #1, here are a few ideas to boost your communication impact: To collaborate and connect well with people, you’ve got to first understand them.  And before you can really understand them, you’ve got to understand yourself… That is the exact aim and focus of this FREE CHALLENGE: Boost Your Performance By gaining a better understanding of what drives you, you’ll collaborate better and connect deeper with the people around you (#2 & #3).


Regardless of natural talent or how far you’ve climbed up the company ladder, mastery of the 3 BIG C’s is essential for YOUR PEAK PERFORMANCE. If they seem basic it’s because they are.  Basic and human.
Nothing is more basic nor effective than The Human Touch.  Without it, all the skills in the world can’t help you.
Which basic skill is missing here for you?  Which of the 3 C’s would you like to improve on?
  • Thanks for your exciting post, Tim. Indeed, it is very often necessary to remind of and practice the basics – as even a master is not free from training, which is still the core of teaching. What spontaneously came to my mind regarding basics that might be added: Reflexion, veritable listening or emotional intelligence and walking the talk authentically, even though you might say, those are immanent to the other three.

    Anyways, it is important letting transcend the implicit into the limelight of the stage, asking for an explicit dance – recurringly.

    Thanks again for the good read, Tim!

  • Great post! And it’s interesting when we think of building a business that we often concentrate on the mechanics of that, skills we need to learn and yet the human interaction – we are after all community creatures, is a key aspect of what is needed to make anything successful!

  • Great post! Human connection and the ability to communicate ideas clearly is vital for influence. I’ve known people with phenomenal ideas that just couldn’t get it off the ground because they lacked these 3C’s.

    Thanks for posting

    • Thanks, Amanda! BTW, how did you build these 3 skills – I know you have got them because you’ve got a successful business (off the ground!).